About Us


LANVIGATOR TYRE has established a global customer service network, we keep concentrating on service and innovation, for the sake of customers. In the whole business activities, improve the service system, and ensure benign interaction with users. Achieve a win-win situation and grow together. We are together with customers to create valuable and meaningful products to the community.


If you want to do things well, first make everything ready for you. In order to design and produce high quality tires, LANVIGATOR continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, equipment updating, the introduction of international advanced production equipment, testing equipment, to achieve the production of highly automated, to make sure the product quality always steady.

1. The hydraulic system of hot plate vulcanizing machine, with high precision, good stability and accurate resetting. 

2. The calendar equipment for rubber, imported from Italy which have internationally advanced technology. 

3. Precision testing equipments, including tire bubble testing machine, tire dynamic balance testing machine, X-ray detection machine etc.